Pirate Alley Boucherie

Pirate Alley Boucherie at the Ice House!

A seasonally driven deli featuring po'boys, sandwiches, melts, housemade charcuterie & small plates in the heart of Denver.

Global Flavors

Just because we're in Denver doesn't mean you can't sample all of the glorious cuisines from around the world in one place! Pirate Alley Boucherie brings to patrons a delectable menu filled with goodness from around the world. Our kitchen also creates exclusive fusion cuisine, adding to dishes the typical New Orleans influence.

Seasonal Cooking

Offering seasonal dishes as part of our daily menu is something that you can expect at Pirate Alley Boucherie. We source all our ingredients from local farms, taking care to let only the freshest and the best quality produce into our kitchens. We have and continue to collaborate with local farmers to ensure that everything on our menu is farm-to-table.

Perfect Private Event

Pirate Alley Boucherie is the perfect place to host a private event. Regardless of whether you're bringing family, friends, or colleagues, we are sure that everyone will have a great time with us. Choose from a range of different settings for your private events, including professional packages. Browse through our range of sensibly priced event packages to find out more information about them.

Themed Events

Who doesn't like a bit of fun with themed events held during special days or holidays? At Pirate Alley Boucherie, we have hosted a wide variety of themed events, including Holiday celebrations, Mardi Gras, Jazz brunches, and more. We take the utmost care to provide a thematically accurate menu for our patrons on the day.

Interactive Cooking Classes

Want to learn the secrets of the famed Pirate Alley Boucherie chefs? Now, you can be in the comfort of your own kitchen with the interactive cooking classes we host! We have taken great care to ensure that even people who have never worked a wok can follow along with our chefs. To make the most of these classes, we keep our groups small.

Housemade charcuterie

At Pirate Alley Boucherie, we believe a person can tell the quality of a restaurant from the charcuterie they're offered! When you experience the glorious culinary experience that is our charcuterie, we know you'll agree with us. We go to great lengths to ensure that our house-made charcuterie incorporates a whole host of flavors from unique combinations of herbs and spices.

Historic Ice House

Pirate Alley is located inside the Historic Ice House in the Union Station neighborhood of Denver. Open for carry out & dine-in.

Pirate Alley Menu

Chef Kyle Foster’s seasonally driven menu focuses on local ingredients with a Southern flare.

Stir Events at the Ice House

Stir Events is an event space & kitchen in the heart of Downtown Denver. From ticketed events to private cooking events & more…

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